Business Models

Krishnamrutam Infotech provides its customers with business solutions to assist them in solving their business problems and to create new business models. They are adapted to the client specific environment and provide many additional benefits demanded by our customers.
Time and Materials Projects

In this business model, Krishnamrutam Infotech forms project teams with the required team members, project managers, equipment, and infrastructure based on project requirements. Customers pay a monthly charge based on the size and composition of the team. This model offers the flexibility to balanced team size and project workloads.


Our business model is a combination of offshore/onshore. We engage analysts, architects, strategists and project managers onshore, while the programmers and other professionals work offshore, allowing for a 24-hour work schedule on projects.Our dual concentration on process and technology allows us to formulate the best possible strategy for workforce optimization and reach the ideal balance between onshore and offshore aspects of your operations.

Flexible Resources

Our vast network of offshore teams always allows us to assign specialists with the right skills to match your outsourcing needs. Krishnamrutam Infotech Infotech's flexible resources help our clients to implement strategies and change at a faster and more controlled rate. With Krishnamrutam Infotech team as your offshore outsourcing partner, you will reach your business goals much faster. 

Fixed Time / Fixed Process

Our fixed time, fixed price model offers you a low-risk option and can be applied when the scope and specifications of the project are reasonably clear. This model guarantees on-time, on-budget delivery of projects. Deliverables, costs, and timelines are clearly defined in the Fixed Time/Fixed Price model.
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