Corporate Data Center Services
Corporate Data Center Services

How outsourcing data center operations can boost your business

A data center is essentially a computer room ? a physical facility that allows you to store and manage your servers, networks and other computer equipment in a controlled environment. We guarantee regulated power (full back up), a high bandwidth Internet connection, physical and network security, besides 24x7 monitoring and full technical support.

Why outsource your data center
Even if IT is your core business, setting up your own data center or computer room is an expensive proposition both in terms of money, time and deployment of human resources. Apart from the high capital costs, there are the high day-to-day management costs. Routinely adding new services or upgrading to the latest technology is also not feasible. In this scenario, it makes sense to outsource this service to a co-location, carrier-neutral data center.

Co-location means that you rent specific space to house your servers along with the servers of other companies in a common physical location. Each company's equipment is physically secured inside a lockable wire cage or a cabinet. Co-location offers you the flexibility to upscale (or even downscale) your technology and requirements as your business grows (or slows down), without having to make repeated capital investments. When you enter into a co-location agreement with us, you pay a much lower annual fee and are assured of a high level of services without the bother.

Benefits of co-location
Benefits of co-location include:

Cost savings in the range of 20%-70%
Better utilization of space you are using for an in-house data center
Freedom to focus on your core competencies and not worry about your IT infrastructure
These are the additional specific advantages you can expect with co-location.

Physical Advantages: The costs of the following facilities in a computer room are a fraction of what it would cost to set them up in-house. We give you:

Precision-controlled, air-conditioned environment
24x7 power back up systems for all your equipment ? no downtime or disruption because of power failure
State-of-the-art dry-pipe pre-action fire suppression ? no critical losses due to fire
High-level onsite security through surveillance cameras and bio-metrics systems to disallow unauthorized entry
Option of adding new systems when required and phasing out older systems as they become outdated, at nominal costs
Connectivity Advantages: Having your own T1 line to connect your networks across long distances is expensive to acquire and maintain and not as reliable as the fiber optic connections at a data center. Co-location gives you increased connectivity and greater redundancy without the prohibitive cost:

Increased bandwidth with reduced bandwidth costs: We assure you of excess capacity so that your high-speed lines don't slow down even during peak load time.

Greater network redundancy means maximum up time: Your business critical applications will always be up and accessible. This is because we support multiple ISPs whose fiber optic lines terminate at our data center . We also support VSAT, wireless or terrestrial.

Keep your freedom: Because we are a carrier-neutral data center supporting multiple ISPs, you get to choose your own carrier or you can utilize the Fast PC Net network. We also provide seamless transfer, if needed, to alternate carriers. That's reason to cheer because you won't be left dependent on an ISP that does not live up to its promise or one that shuts shop at short notice.

Competitive pricing: A carrier-neutral approach also implies vendor competition which means that you get competitive pricing and services.

BGP4 Routing : Our carrier-neutral data center uses BGP4 on our routers to ensure that your data is sent along the most reliable path and is delivered as fast as possible. If one provider's connection fails, BGP4 allows instant failover and re-routes your critical data over a different path with an alternate provider. Downtime is again minimized.

Network security : As an option we can provide you the latest firewalls/IDS systems which detect and arrest unauthorized advances. Firewalls and security systems need to be updated at whirlwind speed and a co-location provider can provide updated security at the right time and right cost.

Disaster recovery sites : We also create disaster recovery sites . In the event of downtime with your primary server, the entire network switches to an alternate site. Outsourced disaster recovery costs a fraction of what it would to set it up in house.

Technical Support Advantages: With an outsourced data center like ours, you avoid problems of deploying human resources and can expect the highest levels of dedicated service.

No need to employ specialists: We deploy qualified technical personnel ? with certifications like CCNA and MCSE ? who monitor your networks and server 24x7 and prevent an impending problem from blowing up into a crippling crisis.

Service Level Agreement (SLA): A strict SLA ensures that you get a guaranteed level of services ? better than what you would have in-house.

Experience advantage: You get the advantage of our years of experience in managing data centers and qualified technical personnel working to keep your business critical systems functioning smoothly around the clock.

Help desk facility: You also get a 24x7 help desk to contact in case of any trouble.

Overall, a carrier-neutral co-location data center makes sound, long-term business sense for your company especially if your core business is not IT. A data center like ours provides you with the best services without the accompanying hassles of owning and operating such a facility.


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The data center facility provides a secure, highly reliable environment and can serve as an extension of your own facilities. The entire infrastructure is designed from the ground up to ensure business continuity. You can obtain space in the facility in pre-defined or custom configured sizes.

Our Sreetech data center offers customers throughout the Buckeye state the best, safest and most reliable Managed Internet , Data Center and Disaster Recovery Services. Our state of the art facility is located in downtown Sreetech , right on "Telecom Row" close to the Sreetech Convention center and Arena District. There are several hotels and restaurants in the area. The facility has easy access to the airport and is with-in close proximity to the Ohio State University.

We provide a complete IT environment for a fraction of your cost to build. Our fully redundant, traffic-engineered network supports internet feeds up to one gigabit. With our excess capacity, you can be sure that your business processes operate optimally all the time. Since we are a carrier-neutral facility, our customers can choose from competitively priced bandwidth options.

Sreetech also offers comprehensive disaster recovery and business continuity services to make sure that your vital business processes always function smoothly. In effect, you do not suffer due to loss of connectivity.