Data Security & IT Infrastructure Management

Sreetech is the premier software development partner of choice for some of the world’s largest and most renowned companies such as Deutsche Bank, Boeing, UBS and other market leaders. We combine technical proficiency with deep domain expertise in:

  • Elaboration and maintenance of secure IT infrastructure
  • Existing standards of information security
  • Corporate security
  • Elaboration of processes and standards in information security
  • Business continuity and fallback recovery

With these skills and qualifications, Sreetech professionals design and deliver innovative and custom services to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information assets.

Protecting Your Business Starts With Securing Your IT

IT infrastructure management and systems’ security are daily challenges – you probably face a barrage of them – various external or internal risks of security breaches. The success of your business depends on your ability to operate all corporate systems seamlessly as well as to protect assets from security threats.

Sreetech can help you in the following domains :

  • IT Infrastructure Design and Improvement

    Sreetech engineers design IT and network architectures that serve your current and future needs as your business continues to change and grow. We’ll ensure your IT infrastructure mirrors your company's business goals and objectives. Our IT Infrastructure Design and Improvement services include:

    Assessment of existing IT infrastructure performance

    • Analysis of infrastructure management processes with reference to ITIL\ISO practices
    • Analysis of KPI and SLA parameters in terms of their compliance with business requirements
    • Analysis of IT infrastructure’s compliance with SLA and KPI parameters set before the subdivision
    • Analysis of IT infrastructure in terms of cost effectiveness (optimization of service price/quality ratio)

    Development of protected infrastructure

    • Development and deployment of firewalls and information systems
    • User rights and access control
    • Messaging and encryption
    • Network infrastructure (LAN, wireless LAN and VPN access)
  • Security Consulting Services

    Sreetech expertly assesses existing security systems including implemented controls and policies, performs risk analyzes and develops recommendations that will increase security level of information assets; disaster recovery and business continuity plans. Sreetech is the first company in Eastern Europe certified with ISO 27001:2005 security standards.

    Our security consulting services include:

    • Development and implementation of effective information security systems
    • Protection of the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information assets
    • Estimation of potential and applicable risks
    • Development and implementation of corrective and preventive plans to mitigate the risks and meet or exceed the highest industrial regulations and standards

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Contact us today and learn how your company can benefit from our highly effective strategies for:

  • Achieving and maintaining information security
  • Implementing seamless and secure architecture integration and support
  • Protecting applications and data
  • Recognizing and preventing infrastructure and security risks quickly without sacrificing productivity
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Sreetech’s expanded and enhanced network monitoring service can keep you alert of any problems before they can become service or security affecting. Many network monitoring services notify customers of their Internet connection status, and stop there. With Sreetech, not only can your Internet connection’s uptime and security be monitored, we can also monitor your server uptime and availability, in addition to hosted service ability as well.

Instant glance into your network

Keeping your network running at an optimal level is crucial to your day to day business practices, and helping maintain a constant level of security. Sreetech’s network monitoring service can help quickly identify, diagnose, and repair network issues and problems so you can concentrate on conducting business in a secure manner.

Monitor any location anywhere in the world

Regardless of your company’s geographic locations, you can maintain a constant, real-time overview of all of your network’s nodes and access points with our network monitoring service. When one network problem occurs, it can quickly impact other services, your employees, and ultimately, your customers. Maintaining a constant overview of your network and security will ensure that any problems that do occur can be addressed quickly and securely. In addition to services uptime and availability, Sreetech’s network monitoring can also provide you with a real-time view of inbound and outbound traffic patterns, bandwidth utilization, and data destination.

Sreetech Network Monitoring Benefits:

  • Monitor network traffic and nodes on a real-time basis
  • Quickly identify network problems and issues
  • Verify service uptime and performance
  • Track bandwidth usage for optimal speed and performance