Virtualization security

Virtualization security the right way.

While there are many virtualization security options, it is critical to understand that the true value of security is not in point products that address virtualization only, but in solutions that extend existing security measures to the new risks exposed by virtualized environments. Organizations interested in reducing cost and complexity, while achieving enterprise-grade security, must pay close attention to how their security infrastructure will fill in the gaps introduced by virtualization.

For IT and Network managers, moving to a virtualised server environment will enable them to take advantage of the surfeit of computing resources within their networks.

It will also save energy and total cost of ownership, while making the IT infrastructure more robust ? although all these benefits come at the expense of security.

Although virtualisation, the datacentre and the cloud are being dominated by the major players in the market; namely Microsoft, Cisco and VMware, there is an opportunity for the smaller brands to take advantage of security solutions for virtualised environments.

The virtual server security market is relatively new and as such fragmented; including virtualisation vendors, application and database vendors, server and datacentre solution providers as well as the network security vendors.

The key drivers for deploying security solutions for virtualised environments are the prevention of new threats, inter-virtual machine threats and maintaining secure server configurations.

The technical team at Sreetech understand the developments in this market and are able to advise on the best solutions, independent of particular vendors.

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Virtualization Security Solutions

Use our Powerbroker software (Mail us for a customized trial version)

Delegate Root Tasks and Authorization in Virtualized Datacenter Environments

PowerBroker Virtualization provides a dedicated solution for delegating root tasks and authorization in virtualized datacenter environments without ever disclosing the highly sensitive root password. The product adapts to the increasing scale and complexity of rapidly changing virtual and cloud environments, allowing for secure and efficient deployment and expansion within any IT infrastructure. PowerBroker Virtualization’s highly flexible policy language enables enterprises to dictate permissions for users down to the most granular level, extending to any command executable on guest operating systems as well as hypervisor hosts.

Control User Activity

Control user activity flexibly and efficiently through fined-grained policies that can invoke virtually any action through scripting, from initiating an email approval workflow to validating a help desk ticket.


Broker Permissions

Broker permissions transparently across the entire virtualized environment, ensuring user productivity without sacrificing security or compliance.


Real-Time Tracking

Log all session activity down to the keystroke level to comply with internal and external controls mandates.