Asset Management

Sreetech Asset management services comprise of all the activities associated with ongoing management and tracking of assets some of which are as follows:

  • Asset Discovery (Physical & Logical)
  • Create & Maintain Definitive Software Library
  • Create & Maintain Definitive Hardware Store
  • Configuration Management
  • Physical Asset Tracking
  • Software License Management
  • Request & Approval Process
  • Procurement Management 
  • Contract Management (Support/Maintenance/ Renewals /Enterprise License Agreement)
  • Assessment on ISO 27001 and PCI controls.
  • Supplier/Vendor Management
  • Re-Deployment & Movement
  • Retire & Disposal Management
  • Interface with complimenting & dependant ITSM Processes & Functions
  • Interface with Enterprise Asset Management Systems & Processes
  • Compliance to Regulatory Laws if applicable
  • Enterprise security posture assessment

Our Vulnerability Asset Management Services covers the physical, technological, contractual and financial aspects of IT Assets including software and hardware elements. Our Asset Lifecycle Management Process covers the “Request to Retire” cycle and is adhered to ITIL best practices of Configuration & Asset Management.

Sreetech has Best-in-Class End User Computing Services that creates Business Value for our customers, a great personalized service experience for end users and build a work culture of innovation & collaboration to harness the potential of our employees and partners. We work with our customers to provide:

  • Predictable services - anytime, anywhere, any device.
  • New industry benchmarks aligned to business outcome,
  • Innovation that helps in adopting new technologies for improved end user productivity, through our global eco-system, thereby creating   competitive differentiation for our customers.

We offer full lifecycle services in Discrete and Full service sourcing model in a truly managed services delivery model.

    Service Desk – Global Service Desk handling 10mn trouble tickets and 7mn service desk calls per annum in 20 languages. 17 Global delivery centers spread across the world with 7 nearshore centers
    Client Application Management services – Deliver Application Packaging, Imaging, Software Distribution and Patch Management services in a centralized factory construct. 5000+ Applications packaged and distributed annually.
    Messaging & Collaboration Services – Build, operate and provide professional services on email and collaboration platforms like Microsoft Exchange, IBM Lotus Notes. Monitor and support more than 800,000 mailboxes globally
    Asset Management – Provide a complete Asset Management Lifecycle service right from ordering to ongoing management and tracking of client assets.
    Client Support Services – Provide onsite support for Desktops, Laptops, Printers, Handheld devices at client locations spread globally. Global Network of Client support specialists supporting approximately 3 million client devices distributed globally.
    Infrastructure Application – Build and Manage Infrastructrue Applications in customer environments. These services include Directory Services, File and Print services, Remote Access Managent, Application delivery using Citirix, Microsoft App-V etc.

All the above services are cloud enabled and delivered through Sreetech's Industrialized service delivery platform. SreeaSTM is a business ready platform for enterprise tools available to customers via cloud-based, on-premise, hybrid delivery model.

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Client Application Management Services

Our Client Application Management services pertain to managing and maintaining the end user application environment, one of the costliest activities within IT Infrastructure management. We at HCL deliver Application Packaging, Imaging, Software Distribution and Patch Management services in a centralized factory construct. Around 5000+ Applications are packaged and distributed annually.

HCL’s Client Application Management Service Components are:

  • Application Packaging – HCL Application Packaging services provide pre-configured and automatic software packages through a factory model making them available for distribution on clients.
  • Software Distribution – HCL software distribution services include all services related to automatic deployment of software and covers all activities starting right from the pre-pilot phase to performing pilot tests and finally the full software package deployment
  • Image Management – HCL image management service covers the entire set of activities from image definition to deployment. Based on customer requirement, bring in HCL standard Imaging guidelines to align customer to a common operating environment.
  • Patch Management – HCL Patch management service comprises of all the activities starting from assessing threats and vulnerabilities, Discovering new updates, obtaining, testing and deploying all the required patches