Datacenter Transformation Services

Sreetech's Green Datacenter strategy relies on the service philosophy of partner owned datacenter to provide “Right Shore” hosting and migration capabilities with the ability to provide seamless global delivery to our clients. We have 10 datacenter partners across UK & US and we continue to invest in our partner ecosystem.

Sreetech's business model is able to aggregate these services under a unified service delivery framework and take a single point operations responsibility with a customer. Sreetech strives to bring to its clients best of breed solutions by focusing on its core competencies and collaborating with global leaders to provide seamless, End-to-End infrastructure services under an “e-bonding " framework for integrated service delivery.

Sreetech has also invested in Next-Generation-Green-Datacenter in New Jersey. This 35,000 square foot facility in Parsippany enables End-to-End Datacenter services including Near-shore Co-Location Solutions, Business Continuity Planning, Cloud Computing and Mainframe Management Services. This facility has been designed for mission critical systems conforming to the Uptime Institute's TIER III guidelines. Additionally the facility follows LEED guidelines established by U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC).

We at Sreetech believe that green IT initiatives can be taken along the following three dimensions of a datacenter namely Technology, Facility and Management. Our suite of Green Datacenter Services helps enterprise IT organizations reduce their companies' environmental impact by assessing, planning, and implementing initiatives around their datacenter environment. We have helped many Fortune/Global 1000 organizations to walk this green path.

Our unique Green Datacenter services framework has powered us to deliver cost benefits to our customers, some of which are as follows:

    Around 15-40% savings through Datacenter Consolidation & Virtualization
    Around 10-15% savings from Datacenter Asset re-build & buy out
    Around 10-15% savings due to Rack Optimization in Datacenter
    Around 4-10% savings by installing best-in class power equipments in Datacenter
    Around 7-15% savings due to efficient Air conditioning architecture within the Datacenter

Apart from being the preferred Green vendor among various Fortune/Global enterprises, Sreetech has also been recognized among the Top 10 Green IT vendors by “Black Book of Outsourcing”.

Sreetech has also been awarded with Golden Peacock for Eco Innovation for our Green Datacenter offerings. Apart from being a National Member of US Green Building Council (USGBC), Sreetech has strategic partnerships with VMware, SUN, IBM etc.

Following are some of Sreetech's capabilities with respect to Green Datacenter Services:

Datacenter Technology Datacenter Facility Datacenter Management


  • Consultancy & Solution
  • Architect Virtualization Solution using VMware certified capacity planner tools

Power Management

  • Power off servers with low priority applications during power emergencies.
  • Shut down IT systems systematically during unplanned environmental conditions.
  • Move compute loads to least expensive power geography (follow-the-moon).

Datacenter Consolidation

  • Consultancy & implementation
    activities in Project Management, Administration, Application Management, Logistics and Third Party handling

Datacenter Structural Changes

  • Audit and Gap Analysis to rebuild Facility/Assets to gain energy efficiency
  • Consultancy on right size and right performance system for obsolete / EOL or legacy systems
  • Energy Efficient CPU models coming from various OEM's

Datacenter Non-Structural Changes

  • Use energy efficiency metrics like PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) by Green Grid
  • Provide quantification in terms of costs, primary energy and carbon emissions
  • Workload management
    software to meter power usage
    and trend data
  • Power capping on servers to optimize energy use and application performance
  • Compliant with regulations (RoHS, WEEE)

Sreetech Datacenter management focuses on IT equipments along with their power and cooling requirements.

Sreetech has identified initiatives for energy efficiency where it can leverage its strong expertise and help the customers achieve significant energy and cost savings enabling a healthy bottom line.

The different opportunities have been classified into 3 categories:

  • Little resource or investment required to achieve significant amount of energy savings. E.g. Turn off unused equipments, Improve data center airflow.
  • Moderate level of resource or investments required. E.g. virtualize and consolidate servers and storage, power management.
  • High level of resource or investment required. E.g. Consolidate Datacenters, utilize daylight, and use power from renewable resources



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Green Datacenter Methodology

We at Sreetech follow a phased methodology to provide Green Datacenter solutions that are cost effective, lend sustainability to business operations and ensure a healthy bottom-line for an enterprise.

  • Assessment Phase powered by our unique DGQ Service
    Create baseline of energy usage and carbon footprint of the current environment using Sreetech’s assessment framework (Green IT Scorecard) which is used to audit the existing environment. This is followed by Gap analysis and Feasibility study to identify transformational activities, perform impact analysis and assess cost structure.
  • Planning and Design Phase
    Develop a detailed roadmap for specific Green IT initiatives like procurement, DC optimization, recycling, financial and resource planning.
  • Implementation Phase
    Choose and implement specific technologies for Datacenter consolidation, virtualization, power and cooling management, IT Infrastructure Management. This phase would also involve enabling an enterprise to get LEED certified.



Planning and Design


Continuous Green


Facility Assessment

  • Floor plan and layout
  • Power and cooling
  • Security

Technology Assessment

  • IT Asset Utilization
  • IT Power consumption
  • Hardware acquisition and

Management Assessment

  • Capacity forecast
  • Asset disposal/Asset recovery
  • Setting Green
    Procurement  policies
  • E-waste recycling program
  • Optimizing existing data
  • Designing a new Data
  • Positioning DC initiatives
    to support green business
  • Total cost of ownership +
    Total cost of operations


  • Power and Cooling Best
  • Virtualization
  • Power Management
  • DC Consolidation
  • Continuous monitoring
    through Energy efficiency
    Metrics (e.g. PUE by Green Grid)
  • Reporting energy
    efficiency results
  • Realigning targets

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