FTP hosting

  • FTP hosting is an efficient method of transferring, storing, and sharing files over the Internet. Individual users have files stored in a secure space that can only be accessed with an ID and password. 

    FTP Hosting is ideal for companies needing to share files with employees or external companies such as clients and suppliers. Suited to printers, graphics businesses, software developers, photographers, online auctions and others who need to send and receive large files. Good solution for companies needing media storage and content delivery to customers. 

    Sreetech FTP hosting service is designed for the customers in all segment who require high quality FTP hosting space, scalable infrastructure and faster access. Sreetech FTP Hosting Services provides customer with the most comprehensive, integrated platform for critical FTP site hosting. 

    Sreetech provide FTP service on a Dedicated model also for the customer are looking for more speed and huge storage and SSL certificates

What's Included?

Per-Folder, Per-User Permissions

You control exactly who can see and download your assets on a per-folder, per-user basis. Assign and remove upload and download permissions on the fly. Restrictive defaults ensure that nobody gets access to something they shouldn't. We even support an Upload-only access mode, which is great for clients and vendors. Permissions apply to both the web workspace and FTP client access.

Auditing and Security

Sreetech logs all activity and automatically flags inappropriate behavior. If one of your employees does something suspicious, like downloads your entire site, we'll let you know so you can protect your assets. We retain audit logs for 7 years.


Sreetech lets you fully cobrand the web workspace so your team, customers, and vendors have a seamless experience. Mail us for the cobranding options available with each plan level.


Sreetech's Sharing tab generates custom download links that can be E-Mailed to clients or vendors. You can set a global expiration period for shared links to protect your assets.

Replace your existing Secure FTP server hosting with Sreetech!

Sreetech provides greater security and disaster tolerance than your average FTP host. Sreetech's permission model is unique, providing a shared filesystem with access granted explicitly on a per-user, per-folder basis. Additionally, our backup procedures are world-class: we store 3 separate copies of every file you upload (main copy, daily snapshot backup, daily offsite backup). Can you say that about your current FTP server or file exchange?

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