Managed Print Services

Our Managed Print Services comprises of Assessing, Designing, Optimizing and Managing the office print landscape so as to reduce costs and improve productivity. It is a unique offering which provides a strategic approach to manage the print environment efficiently, while also driving down costs up to 30%. Managed Print Services provides customer with a single point of contact for management of various brands of print devices. It also enables proactive monitoring, ensures secure printing and provides additional sustainability benefits.

Benefits of Managed Print Services:

Reduced Costs

  • Up to 30% cost savings through Sreetech Xerox alliance
  • Variable cost model on a per page or per seat basis
  • Zero capital expenditure

Improved Productivity

  • Continuous monitoring and a preemptive support model drives device uptime, output quality, and increased user productivity
  • Proactive break-fix services reduce calls to the help desk and free your IT staff and end-users from the support process so they can focus on their core competencies
  • Simplified IT vendor management by reduction of number of external vendors and suppliers.

Reduced Risk

  • Leading industry assessments based on proven global deployments and benchmarking. Metrics-drive lean Six Sigma approach.
  • Satisfy compliance requirements by providing tools and processes that enhance privacy and provide detailed reports of print usage
  • Minimize risk of security breach

Go Green

  • Reduced power, paper & consumables
  • Replace outdated equipment at no Capex - cheaper, cleaner, more secure and better connected
  • Substantial reduction in enterprise carbon footprints
  • Use of recycled paper through Agility Alliance partner Xerox
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Managed Print Services: Effective Cost Control 

The Gartner Group estimates that organizations generally spend 1-3% of their total annual revenue generating documents while at the same time dramatically underestimating their total print needs and corresponding cost. To compound the problem, many businesses don’t have effective cost controls in place.

By managing print requirements effectively, your business can save up to 30% on your total in-house printing costs. One key is developing a total print management strategy that can increase your productivity while lowering your total operating costs.

We’ll conduct a free analysis of your current printing requirements and show you how to improve the way you handle printing. With one low price, we can provide total print management for all document devices on your network.

How does Print Management work?

  • Standardization: As organizations grow, it is not uncommon for new devices to be brought into service without old devices being taken out of service. In a mixed environment of old and new devices, the management of each of those devices can be very different. By standardizing device platforms, management of your printing equipment can be made much simpler. Moreover, end users will not need to learn how to operate multiple hardware types and can focus on their day-to-day tasks instead of wondering how to print their documents.
  • Consolidation: Employees like the personal convenience of desktop printers. Oftentimes that personal convenience is at the expense of the organization’s bottom line. Usually, the smaller the rated print volume on a particular device, the more expensive that device is. Small, personal printers can cost as much as four or five times that of departmental printing devices. By reducing the number of personal, desktop printers, not only will you save the need to manage so many different devices, but often the consolidation of the print volume can realize significant cost savings in toner, parts, and maintenance costs.
  • Location: Departmental printing devices are less expensive to operate than small, desktop printers. By positioning appropriately-sized workgroup printers and multifunction systems throughout your organization, you can increase efficiency as well as reduce overall cost.

How Can I Benefit?

Our Print Management Program gives you control over your laser printing costs. For one low cost per page we will provide all of the supplies and service for your printer fleet. Regardless of the make of the printer, with our method of printer services, you will reduce downtime for your network devices. You’ll also ensure that your employees will have the right printing device available at the right time, receive proactive printer failure notices, and receive detailed reports on all devices and users – all while reducing your overall costs.