Managed Internet Access

Sreetech ’s Managed Internet Access Services rides on a high-performance network infrastructure that facilitates high-speed, redundant Internet connections. Sophisticated network management tools carry out proactive monitoring of Internet backbone and our performance management tools track bandwidth performance online, ensuring optimal performance. All built on an easy scalable architecture that allows its customers to augment bandwidth as and when required. 

It has been Sreetech ’s endeavor to provide reliable access to its customers. The same is carried out by keeping low bandwidth saturation average, having redundant high-speed backbone connectivity, proactively monitoring and maintaining the support servers and other infrastructural components.

Sreetech has setup country wide optic fiber based IP network with terabytes of capacity having points of presence at more than 1100 cities. This network is further connected to 134 countries including US, UK, Mid-east and Asia-Pac through Flag Telecom backbone (Sreetech Infocomm ’s group company) and other undersea cable systems like Se-Me-Wea-3 and i2i and are having private peering relationship with largest Tier 1 ISPs like UUNet, Reach and Flag and public and private peering with more than 400 carriers worldwide at more than 15 Internet Exchange points across the globe. There also exists peering relationship with domestic ISPs on STM-1 bandwidth levels.

Service is available in 2 variants:

  • Direct Internet Access ( Symmetric in nature:- Downstream and Upstream bandwidth are same)
  • Hosted Internet Access ( Asymmetric in nature:- Downstream is more than Upstream bandwidth)
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Remote Hands and Eyes Support (Sreetech )

Remote Hands and Eyes Support (Sreetech ) service is a premium service offered for Reliance customers. In a scenario where a customer has its hardware kept at Reliance Datacenter, remotely troubleshooting the problem may require some physical onsite involvement.

Sreetech enables customers to minimize the cost of sending an engineer onsite which in turn causes lots of delay and expenses.

In the nutshell “Remote Hands and Eyes Support” is a service agreement between customer and Reliance Data Center, which facilitate hand and eye support of customer’s equipment at data center.

Customers would be allotted technicians/engineers as per Service level agreements with the customers.

As the customers would need some intervention by the personnel allotted he can contact him/her through mobile / e-mail. The control would primarily remain with customers; they can virtually have a physical control over equipments.

Sreetech ’s Backup infrastructure services offer enterprise class backup and restoration services to the corporate hosting their mission critical applications /databases at Sreetech ’s Data Centers.

Sreetech help you overcome the challenges in managing a backup environment with great ease & simplicity. Do you face any or some of the challenge(s) in your day to day backup operations?

  • Poor Backup Completion Rates
  • Data Recoverability Exposure
  • Shortage of Backup/ Storage skills and resources
  • Pressure to meet Service Level Agreements
  • Lack of ‘Best Practice’ approach
  • Inefficient alerting mechanisms related to poor monitoring deployment
  • No reporting/ metrics to help decision making
  • Reactive management – not proactive
  • Inability to predict storage growth
  • Lacking to meet regulatory and compliance requirements

If answer to any of the above is yes, Sreetech can help you meet your requirements.

Sreetech ’s Backup infrastructure services are primarily charged on the backup data transfer happening from server to the tape library. There are several options available for customizing the backup to your unique requirements.