Network Monitoring Services

Enterprises have used their information technology (IT) infrastructure to provide competitive advantage, increase productivity, and empower users to make faster and more informed decisions. However, with these benefits has come an increasing dependence on that infrastructure. If a critical application, server or data become unavailable; the entire business can be placed in jeopardy. Revenue and customers can be lost, penalties can be owed, and bad press can have a lasting effect on customers and a company's reputation. Building a high availability IT infrastructure is critical to the success and well being of all enterprises in today's fast moving economy. Sreetech Monitoring Services will protect business from all common causes of planned and unplanned downtime.

Sreetech Monitoring Services provide enterprise-class monitoring solutions to monitor customer’s IT infrastructure and help in isolating and diagnosing the problem proactively.
Sreetech Monitoring Services are provided to monitor:

• Server Monitoring
• Database Monitoring
• Network Monitoring

Network Monitoring with confidence in the Cloud.

Most organizations can't afford to have an on-site support engineer managing their network 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That’s why we offer a powerful Cloud computing service that monitors your critical network functions. By identifying network issues before they become larger problems, we can save you significant time and money.

With our Cloud-based remote Network Monitoring service, we can configure and remotely monitor all of your important network systems (e-mail, servers, routers, available disk space, backup applications, critical virus detection, and more). If our system detects a problem, it alerts the Dataprise Technical Support Center, so we can take corrective action. Depending on prearranged instructions from your own network engineers, we’ll correct the problem immediately, wait until the next business day or simply notify you of the issue. 

Dataprise Network Monitoring can ensure your network is always reliable and available — even during off hours or when your engineer is not on site.  

Benefits include:
  • Continuous device monitoring of critical network systems (including core servers such as e-mail and Web, Internet connectivity, firewall and other applications)
  • Proactive trouble alerts sent to the Dataprise Technical Support Center
  • Time and money-saving identification of network and application issues before trouble occurs
  • Easy client access to network status through Internet portal
  • Serves as perfect complement to our Super365 plans, included in ALL levels
  • No hidden charges — installation and configuration are included
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Sreetech’s expanded and enhanced network monitoring service can keep you alert of any problems before they can become service or security affecting. Many network monitoring services notify customers of their Internet connection status, and stop there. With Sreetech, not only can your Internet connection’s uptime and security be monitored, we can also monitor your server uptime and availability, in addition to hosted service ability as well.

Instant glance into your network

Keeping your network running at an optimal level is crucial to your day to day business practices, and helping maintain a constant level of security. Sreetech’s network monitoring service can help quickly identify, diagnose, and repair network issues and problems so you can concentrate on conducting business in a secure manner.

Monitor any location anywhere in the world

Regardless of your company’s geographic locations, you can maintain a constant, real-time overview of all of your network’s nodes and access points with our network monitoring service. When one network problem occurs, it can quickly impact other services, your employees, and ultimately, your customers. Maintaining a constant overview of your network and security will ensure that any problems that do occur can be addressed quickly and securely. In addition to services uptime and availability, Sreetech’s network monitoring can also provide you with a real-time view of inbound and outbound traffic patterns, bandwidth utilization, and data destination.

Sreetech Network Monitoring Benefits:

  • Monitor network traffic and nodes on a real-time basis
  • Quickly identify network problems and issues
  • Verify service uptime and performance
  • Track bandwidth usage for optimal speed and performance